NWC Microsites

What Do They look like and do I have to have a set one?
There are actually 3 designs that you can swap and change from whenever you like and you can view our templates on the right hand side. Don’t forget you can also upload your own company logo and update all the main page body text!

So what is a microsite?
Well a microsite is basically your quick online portfolio to show your potential clients the standard of work you are capable of and to use the microsite as your quick NWC introduction ...

So how much does this system cost?
A years microsite membership is just £50, that’s less than 1 pound a week!!

How do I get one?
Only Approved Contractors/Consultants that are registered have the microsites system available to them. The best thing to do would be register your interest using the enquiry form below and we will contact you about getting you registered and approved with the NWC.

It's that simple!!!

How am I billed for this service?
When you order your microsite we will post an invoice for the £50 and await your payment via cheque. Then we will simply send you an invoice every year after that.

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