Company Profile

Purpose of the Consortium

The North West Consortium is a voluntary association of local NHS Trusts which was established in 1993. It maintains and manages on behalf of its members approved lists of Contractors and Consultants for the effective procurement and maintenance of healthcare buildings.

Our Services

  • Financial and technical evaluations of all applicants
  • Advice and assistance in drawing up tender lists
  • Feedback on the performance of firms

Benefits of Membership

  • The Consortium's approved list confirms the capability of listed Consultants and Contractors to undertake NHS specific work
  • The comprehensive listing covers local and regional firms giving a wide selection of skills and resources
  • Using our approved lists can reduce the time spent dealing with unsolicited approaches
  • The detailed assessments of technical, financial and employment aspects of all applications are carried out by NHS professional managers
  • Trusts' existing lists can be incorporated into the Consortium lists,
  • Members share feedback on the performance of firms.
  • Members are able to interrogate the lists at several levels to meet local requirements,
  • Non-profit making status means low-cost access to a professional service,
  • Fully documented procedures provide quality assurance at all stages of the process thus giving confidence in the system

The Way We Work

  • The evaluation and approval/rejection process is undertaken by a Management Group from within the Consortium membership
  • The evaluation procedure is available to all Members
  • All applicants complete a detailed application form
  • All applicants provide recent, relevant references
  • All references are followed up
  • Full financial vetting carried out by qualified accountant
  • Full professional evaluation by the management group with comprehensive mix of skills and disciplines
  • Feedback from Members
  • Regular review and updating of lists

The Management Group

  • Works for members
  • Is elected by members
  • Meets monthly to assess applications
  • Prepares and submits an annual report to the members of the Consortium at the Annual General Meeting
  • Comprises of NHS professional managers
  • Is comprehensive in its mix of skills and disciplines
  • Members give their time freely
  • Is supported by a leading firm of solicitors for any legal advice in the pursuance of its business

Review of the Lists

  • Ongoing review process
  • Regularly updated
  • Feedback on performance by members acted upon
  • Poor performances procedures put in place
  • Suspension/removal from lists

Web Site Data Base

  • Enhanced to take account of Members changing requirements
  • Updated daily from the Consortium Office
  • Gain immediate access to the Consortium office for additional information or advice by message forum
  • Members may seek advice on performance/experience from other Member Trusts by e-mail
  • Allocated individual user passwords
  • View approved firm's details
  • Print a directory of approved firms
  • Print a list of contractors
  • Print a list of Consultants
  • Include local, regional and random selections
  • Add own notes to firm's records
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